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netcat is awesome

“Good things last long”, my mama use to say. and just like that netcat is no exception Using netcat for security testing is fun simple, and you do not need to install applications you know nothing about . here are

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bash singleton process

Here is a simple, yet effective way, to make sure a script runs only once. when the script start it run a simple line that detect if the number of running script does not exceeds more then 1. #!/bin/bash [[

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Lock a file on Linux

Here is how to lock a file from write/delete in a dirty way . this trick will work this file system ext2-4 XFS, ReiserFS, JFS and OCFS2. and the trick is to use the command chattr for changing file extended

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100-Continue and Google load balancer

This is how to solve 100-continue problem with google http/s load balancer. Currently google HTTP/S load balancer does not support the Expect: 100-continue POST header . as a result clients who sends this header in their request will fail to

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Loop trick in bash

For loop in BASH can be written in many ways , it could use a numeric counter or it could use an array . here are some example that may help : 1. Count up loop in BASH, from 0

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Overflow /tmp partition

Sometimes your /tmp directory may be mounted to a partition name overflow and the size for this partition may be 1M ,while its a 100% full capacity. This may happen if the root partition got full , and the system

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Splitting Certificate chain

Here is how one can split a certificate chain into individual files . sure this can be done manualy in any text editor , but there comes a time when … well such simple task may consume a lot of

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Clear all containers and images in docker

If you want to clear all containers and all images from docker there is a set of commands you can run to do that . Note that this will delete the containers and images with no way of recover. Delete

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Learn Python

I had a good “administrator” life with Bash and pearl , but I came to see the power of python . learning python is very easy , all you needs to do is replace any script you are about to

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Gnome 3 power button shutdown

If you work with the new gnome 3 as your desktop you probably noticed that clicking the power button doesn’t shut the computer , in my case it just restart it . in order to set the power of there

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