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install cx_Oracle on CentOS 7

Here is a simple way to install cx_Oracle on CentOS 7 in order to install , we will use Oracle instant client , and python pip 1. Download and install oracle client from Oracle yum install libaio rpm -Uvh oracle-instantclient12.1-basic- rpm

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Move ASM disk across storage online

This is a way you can use to copy/move your ASM disks to new location without the need to stop your instance. it include command to be run by root and by asm admin 1. creating the new disks(LUN) as

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oracleasm cant find disks

When installing grid under Oracle Linux/RedHat , the grid installer may fail to see the asm disks even if we just install the software , the asmca may also fail to see the disks . in order to fix it

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Analyze Oracle Database schema

Why is it important to analyze , and what is analyze anyway ? well analyze is a method to gather statistics on table objects in order for the optimizer to choose the best way for executing queries . for example

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tab completion for sqlplus

Every person who ever worked with bash tab auto complete know how fast and convenient it is to use . but when it comes to Oracle sqlplus under Linux there is no such thing as tab completion on most cases

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Rotate Oracle logs

Oracle database logs doesn’t rotate by it self , and as time goes by, your server may hold logs that are too big to read and takes too much storage space . this can get your server to a maximum

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