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Distributed RAID over ISCSI

In an early post building-raid-over-network-share I had show how to build distributed RAID over network using CIFS (samba or windows share) now i wanted to show you a similar method by using ISCSI . ISCSI is a protocol supported by

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Building RAID over network share

This How-To will explain how to use remote SMB shares in order to build a RAID device that can be shared back as over NFS/SMB . The idea is very simple , to use all storage resources on our LAN

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pfsense under KVM with isolated LAN

In this manual I will explain some bugs and tricks for installing pfsense firewall. this firewall is based FreeBSD , so some of the settings can be use for installing FreeBSD hosts as well . we will start with creating

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Simple Squid based CDN

Building a self made CDN based on Squid server , is a very simple task all we need to do is tell squid what domains we want to serve , and where to get its origin files . The main

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Installing Oracle RAC 11.2 under CentOS

—————– Installing Oracle RAC release 11.2 under CentOS —————- This tutorial was tested under CentOS x86_64 kernel 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5 this version is old but it matches the ASMlib . also this tutorial was deploy on one node only , if there

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How to build LDAP

In this HowTo we will build a simple LDAP tree , the scope of this how to is only seeting up LDAP server . the system used in this how to is CentOS 5.5 i386 1. require packages : openldap-servers

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