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convert html to csv

There are many scripts using perl,php,python etc. that will do this for you but the way you are about to see will make you smile of the simplicity of it . instead of going over the file line by line

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startup ubuntu in text mode

This common task turn out to be a pain in the … if you dont know how to do it . Ubuntu unlike other Linux distributions moved from traditional sysvinit to Upstart . i will not name all the differences

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Eternal BASH History

Have you ever needed some command that you worked so hard for it but it has being too long ago that it is already gone from Bash history ? a simple solution is to use PROMPT_COMMAND Bash parameter . how

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Auto compleate service command

Have you ever wanted to have Tab to auto complete any service and commands that comes with it ? well i am going to show you how easy it is to do so . all you need is to install

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