docker-compose simple bash container

Docker-compose is a wonderful tool, I use it all day. I fire up containers attach to them and do stuff. the short manual will show how to run a container and connect to it. I am not using Dockerfile in this example but that may be use as well if needed.

What we need is text editor to edit a simple fle called docker-compose.yaml this file will have all instructions ( minimal ones ) in order to run a basic cntainer orcastraded by docker-compose.

Here is the content of that docker-compose.yaml :

version: "3.7"
    container_name: mydeb
    image: "debian"
    restart: "no"
    entrypoint: /bin/bash
    tty: true

To start the instance simply fire up the composer

docker-compose up -d

The dommand will create the container, network and required stuff, and start the container. if the image is not preset or if needed , you can also tell compose to pull it from repository.

How to connect to running docker-compose container , by running the exec command, against the refering service we created on our docker-compose.yaml

docker-compose exec mydeb bash

Clear all containers and images in docker

If you want to clear all containers and all images from docker
there is a set of commands you can run to do that .
Note that this will delete the containers and images with no way of recover.
Delete All Containers :

docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

Delete All images :

docker rmi $(docker images -q)